Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.
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color: White
number: 2,418,976
day: Wednesday
song: 99 luftballons
month: November
food: Cereal
sport: Bowling
drink: Tea or coffee
candy: Skittles
ice cream: Vanilla or cotton candy
season: Spring
artist: Bjork
movie: Romeo and Juliet(1996)
website: Youtube
animal: Koala
item of clothing: Socks
word: Squibb
place: Europe
holiday: New Year's
letter: M
fruit: Pineapple, strawberries, mango, grapes... the list goes on
spice: Cayenne pepper
herb: Garlic is an herb, right ??
vegetable: Kale
fabric: Cotton, or anything light and breathable
shape: Circle
gemstone: Emerald
TV channel: Cartoon Network or Channel 4
smell: Just-showered clean

That Dreaded Time of the Year.
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        Yup. School's about to start back up. I go in tomorrow to get assigned to a classroom and get acquainted with the teachers. I'M SO NERVOUS. School starts sometime this week, but I won't know the exact day until tomorrow. Summer, where have you gone ?? Right now, I'm on my mom's friend's laptop (secretly...shh), watching "Supersize vs. Superskinny," on youtube. That show is myguilty pleasure. It's addicting. I just drank a big cup of coffee, which is not a good idea on an empty stomach because now I feel a bit nauseous. It has been SO HOT lately, and I'm hoping it cools down this week because my uniform is made of a thick lovely material that doesn't breathe whatsoever. 
        I've been spending a lot more time out of my room, participating with the family and I feel great about it. I'm trying to patch things up with my dad; it's not that we don't get along, but we've drifted. I've been so distant lately, and I know it's because of my inability to sleep through the night. I take sleeping pills, and it's terrible. If I take the heavy-duty ones, I'm sick to my stomach the next morning, but when I take the more mild ones, I'm awake as soon as they wear off, which is typically around 3 in the morning. Nevertheless, I've been attempting to get back on a regular sleep schedule so I won't be a zombie when it's time for school.

Writer's Block: Fan love
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Who is your favorite TV character of all time? Why did s/he make such a big impact on you? Do you collect any memorabilia? Did s/he inspire you creatively in any way?

My favorite TV character would have to be Michael Scott from "The Office." His spontaneous, immature antics and awkward sense of humor never cease to crack me up. I own two seasons of the show, if that counts for memorabilia. And creatively, he has cursed me with the dreaded habit of blurting out "that's what she said."

Writer's Block: Nirvana
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What is your favorite place in the world? What makes it so meaningful to you? How often do you visit or imagine being there?

        My favorite place to be is my home town in central Wisconsin around the holidays. It was always cute and friendly looking; kind of like those corny holiday puzzles old ladies give each other for Christmas. I imagine being there almost every day. I miss it so much, and can't wait until I can see it again.

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        My parents have been arguing a lot lately, mostly over their youngest children (Sawyer and Big). Both of them show a bit of... erm, favoritism for their hatchlings, and neither one of them are willing to compromise. So, they keep threatening that they'll divorce. Vainly, I kind of wish that if they're going to split, that they'd just get it over with. There's no use in prolonging the inevitable, right ??
        I've also been feeling really homesick lately. I miss Wisconsin, and the seasons changing, and the holidays and my friends and being able to speak MY native language with whomever I choose. I miss being able to go out and know the town like the back of my hand. I miss not getting stared at in public like a monkey at the zoo. I miss feeling like I BELONG somewhere. Maybe I need to have a talk with my dad. I'm just so afraid of letting him down, or disappointing my stepmom or stepsiblings, because I love them so much. But it is my life, isn't it ?? I just don't know what to do. I'm not happy, but if I move back to the states, my future is over. No college for me. It's like a terrible lose-lose ultimatum. My life has become a booby trap.


Good lord, do I sound pathetic.

A Cozy Night In
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        I've been feeling... wintry lately. I just got done watching The Grinch, and now I'm curled up drinking hot chocolate with cinnamon. I'd love to go to bed, but I'm waiting for my hair to dry. Lately, I've been obsessing over nail art. The 3 dimensional, way over the top kind. I'm dying to buy some cabochons so I can do this myself. Using Hong, of course, as a hand-mannequin. I've been thinking about decorating fake nails and selling them online. It sounds like a good idea to me. Plus it's fun and I'd make money while doing it.

I'm Anorexic ?? Since When ??
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        So lately, my parents, well adults in general, have been mysteriously preoccupied with my weight. I don't know why; I've weighed the same for quite a while. I don't think being 163cm tall and weighing 49kg is unhealthy. Is it ?? Anyway, my dad sat me down and tried to pick my brains. He babbled about how eating disorders are not the way to lose weight, blah blah blah. I AM NOT EATING DISORDERED. I was on and off struggling with that since I was 11, but now I most certainly am not. I eat quite a lot for as thin as I am. It's proven that, on average, vegetarians consume about 500 less calories than carnivorous people per day. Maybe that's why. I don't know, but I am getting annoyed and I'm a little offended that everyone's paying such close attention to me.

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        My parents came home from work today with a new puppy :D She is about 6 weeks old, house trained, and her name is Gam. In Thai, it means, "cheek," and it's supposed to be a cute name. Confidentially, I'm going to call her Cake. I think that's a lot cuter. I'm pretty sure she's a purebred, but I don't know what breed. She's white with dark brown ears and brown around her eyes. She's teeny tiny and won't get very big. She looks kind of like a pomeranian, or however it's spelled. Hahaha.
        In other news, I have a new job starting in June. This means I can finally quit my overworked and underpaid maid job. I will be teaching english to a small group of first graders every saturday, with the help of Hong. I'll make just as much teaching as I did cleaning, if not maybe even more depending on how many students we get. And with this job, I only teach for one hour, whereas when I was cleaning I'd work for up to six hours. This'll be easy peasy. Plus, then I'll have money to save up for a laptop, a much-needed salon appointment, and various other expenses, including a cat if I can talk my parents into it. I'm very excited.

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Life is Splendid.
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        My stepmom's birthday was yesterday !! It was so fun. We had this type of korean grill/suke thing outside our house, and cake of course. My dad didn't even harp on my vegetarianism last night, which he's been doing for the past three months. It was relaxed and wonderful. My sister and I bought my mom some clothes, and she loved them. We also made her cards, and she loved those too. We stayed up with her until at least 1 in the morning, looking through all her old gems and precious stones. She had a lot of them made into jewelry, and they're really beautiful. Then my dad came in and made us go to bed. But, my sister asked me to try to teach her how I do my makeup, which took some time also. She still can't do it, but it'll take time. She's fifteen and never done her own makeup before. Last night, we also found out that O is three months pregnant. GULP. too young too young !!    
        I woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. HAHAHAHA, just kidding, I hate that song. I got a wonderful amount of deep sleep last night, and slept until 10. When I woke up, the sun was all bright and happy and I could hear the birds and I was so warm and cozy. It was a beautiful way to start the day. It reminded me of when I think back a couple years, of my summer vacation in America before my sophomore year of high school. I got up and showered and talked to my family like I was a happy little squirrel or something... strange comparison, I know. Then, I read quite a bit of one of the books my cousin mailed me. She sent me five or six, and they arrived yesterday. I already finished one-- I know, I'm a nerd.
        Once my older brother gets home, my parents, little sister and I are going to go buy my uniforms for school this year. I probably should be dreading this because it means school's starting back up, but I'm thrilled because I'm starting school. I'm half a year behind my friends in America because I took half a year off school to learn Thai language. So, I'll be starting in this year as a Junior, and I'll still be able to graduate by the time I'm eighteen. If I study well, which I will. I usually get lazy with schoolwork near the end of the term, but I'm hoping to change that this year. Getting into the best art school I can find is of major importance to me, and my grades will play a big part in doing so. ANYWAY, that was a tangent and I'm getting off of it as of now, after we buy my uniforms we have to return some movies we rented. I'm excited to go there so maybe I can talk my parents into getting something I actually like. Last time we went there, my insomnia had me so lethargic I could barely put one foot in front of the other.
        I think we also have some grocery shopping to do. Our evening will be pretty busy I guess. We just need Beer to come home SOON, so he can stay home with the younger boys and so we can get out before all the shops close. Last night, my dad drove me to 7-eleven (I had to pay my cell phone bill), and we almost got hit by a truck. It was frightening. Neither of us were wearing a helmet, and even if we just nicked the truck I'm sure one of us would've fallen off, which in Thai traffic is especially dangerous. I've never seen such crazy drivers in my life. 
        My younger sister also wants to get her hair cut. I told her I could do it, she just needs her bangs trimmed out of her eyes, that's all. My mom looked at me like I was crazy, which of course influenced my sisters decision. Neither of them know I cut my own hair. ALL of it, not just my bangs. It's easy to do, I just do it so it'll maintain its shape as it grows out. I really like cutting and dying hair. I used to dye my friends' hair in the states. Maybe I could be a cosmetologist when I grow up. It's always an option; if anything it could be a fall-back plan because art is really what I want to do.
        Recently, my life has been great. We haven't done anything particularly amazing, but maybe I've just had a better outlook the past few weeks. I walk around with a good attitude, and even my dad's been commenting on how optimistic I've been seeming lately. Maybe I was depressed after all. Being able to sleep through the night for the past week definately helps. Except for when my sister and I were up until 4am a couple nights ago, and I had to wake at 7. But that was our own fault; we got busy talking. Anyway, I think I'm going to go read a few more chapters of a book, and then help with dinner. I'm such a good daughter. Hahahaha.

Why I Want to Have Kids
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        Lately, my younger brothers have been making me question whether or not I really want to be a parent when I grow up. But last night, I was reminded of exactly why I want to be. I went to the market around 9pm last night with my mom and dad, and on our way home we stopped at a fruit stand and a outside noodle resteraunt. At the resteraunt, this little boy (probably 8-10 years old) walked over to the icebox, reached in, and pulled out a flashdrive. He was staring at me the whole time. Then, he came and stood by me and looked at me for a good 20 seconds before I decided to talk to him. *I'll type our conversation, but it's translated because we were speaking Thai, obviously.*

me: "Yes, child, I'm a foreigner" *grins*
him: "Oh... WAIT, but how can you speak Thai??"
me: "Because I'm smart, hahaha"
him: "I know a little English... hello!"
me: "Correct! Very good, child! What is your name?"
him: "I'm Dee. How many years have you been here?"
me: "I've lived here for 8 months."
him: "Oh oh oh. *mumbles*How can you speak Thai"

then we had to leave, and he called "GOODBYE!"... in English.

Then about five minutes later, we met again at the gas station.

him: "Oh! We meet again! Our hearts are the same."
me: "I suppose so!"
him: "I like you a lot. We are friends ok, foreign girl?"
me: "Alright" *grins*
him: *shows me the juice he bought* "Do you like this kind?"
me: "Not really"
him: "OH! then what do you like?"
me: "I like... oishi (Japanese green tea)"
him: "Then you should go to Japan!"
me: "That would be fun!"
him: "Yes! And I want to go, too! Can you speak Japanese?"
me: "No, but I want to learn someday"

Then he talked to me about Japan for a while, and we left again. He was so curious and friendly and everything I love about kids... not to sound like a pedophile. He reminded me that not ALL pre adolescent boys are obnoxious and sassy. Last night really brightened my mood. OH!! And also last night, I got two pairs of FREE heels (second hand, but like brand new) from one of my dad's english students. My night was made. Haha

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